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Kleen-Bore Inc provides a huge array of top-of-the-line gun care products. If you own a firearm, ANY firearm, you'll be able to find the best firearm cleaning tools with the KleenBore Brand.  From cleaning rods, bore brushes and triple sweep cleaners to chemically-treated cloths, cotton and synthetic patches, Kleen Bore offers you everything you can imagine to keep your firearm not only clean, but functioning in peak performance. 

KleenBore Gun Care Products serves law enforcement, military agents and even hunters with their classic cleaning kits specifically designed for your field of work.  All the kits are securely packaged in a reusable, durable storage carrying case that you can take with you when you're on the go.  Kleen-bore rods, found in the Handgun, Rifle and Muzzleloading Kits are manufactured in a smooth, high-grade steel with a black oxide finish and rotating handles so you can reuse them again and again.  

The compact, easy to carry kits are highly favored by law enforcement officers, military members and hunters because everything needed for a complete cleaning is included. Whether you're in the field, or shooting range or even in your home, the KleenBore kits can be taken anywhere, stored everywhere and has all the components to keep your firearm functioning just like the first day you fired it. 

LA Police Gear carries a great selection of Kleen Bore cleaning kits for nearly every model firearm or major caliber used.  LAPG wants to make sure you're keeping your tactical gear in good shape for a long, long time!