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Hogue Grips



At LA Police Gear, we must have said it a hundred times; If it ain't a Hogue Grip, then you ain't a shooter.  That's because Hogue Grips are the best value in handgun grips, rifle stocks and accessories that you can possibly find on the market today. Every Hogue product carries the integrity, quality, durability and innovation that Guy Hogue imagined and created starting back in 1968.  The Hogue Grips Brand stands for perfect function, world-class performance and superior design.

From handgun grips, to long gun stocks and even specialty-designed knives, Law Enforcement officers, tactical operators, military member, competitive shooters and even hunters will call on the Hogue name first before considering the other brands in the industry.  You know you'll be purchasing a product that is not only made with some of the finest quality materials available, but also the dependability and function that you absolutely need to count on. 

Hogue rubber grips are some of the most popular grips in demand.  The Hogue Overmolded Rubber grips are molded from a very durable synthetic rubber that will not become sticky in your hand, but offers soft protection against recoil without affecting firing accuracy.  Hogue's patented rubber capabilities offer flexibility without comprising function, and is almost impervious to solvents, waxes and oils.  Plus with Hogue's trademark Cobblestone texture, you can be rest-assured that your hand will not slip and neither will your skin be irritated by the constant friction. 

So when you're updating all your tactical gear, adding a Hogue grip will see you through all your shooting ventures and operations.