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Hazard 4


Hazard 4 Brand by Civilian Labs products are designed to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. From functionality, materials selection, manufacturing techniques, through testing, quality-control and packaging, our customers can expect Hazard 4 Brand bags and gear to exceed their expectations. It is a brand that you can trust. You will get your moneys worth from any Hazard 4 bag. I have been selling this brand for years and we are always blown away with their design details and quality. This is really good stuff!

Some of our favorite items are Hazard 4 Messenger of Doom (MOD) Covert Go-Bag, Hazard 4 Switchback Sling Pack, Hazard 4 Ditch Tactical Briefcase and the Hazard 4 Frontline MOLLE Chest Rig.

If you are looking for Duty Gear, Plate Carriers, or Tactical Boots we are the experts and we have what you need in stock.