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    When you hear the word GLOCK, you can almost automatically think of perfection in every facet of design, engineering and manufacturing. Glock is the leading global manufacturer of pistols, precisely engineered to meet the demanding specifications of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Glock has a well-known reputation for safety, reliability, durability and ease of use.  Today, the complete line of Glock pistols has become the choice of millions who want to carry the perfect firearm for the mission at hand. 

    L.A. Police Gear really appreciates that safety is one of the top concerns of Glock. A Glock user can count on the SAFE ACTION System to keep you and your loved ones safe. The SAFE ACTION System can assure you that Glock pistols will fire when the system is engaged, but will NOT fire unintentionally, even though Glock believes that responsible gun ownership begins with gun safety training. 

    One of LAPG's most popular Glock accessory is the Glock 17/17L/19/26/34 9mm 15 round Full Size Magazine. This is a factory original, drop-free magazine for your Glock. Most Glock magazines have a hardened steel insert encased in high-tech polymer.  With this polymer coating, you can be rest-assured that your magazine is protected from any dings, dents or deformations, even when dropped from excessive heights. 

    Law enforcement agencies around the world trust Glock to deliver the reliability and firepower necessary to protect their officers in the line of duty! 

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