By LAPG Staff
Jun 20th 2019

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There are many negative aspects to deployment, and one of the most significant is the safety of your family when the military deploys your soldier. It forces you to be the sole caregiver, and it's even worse if you're in a new place when your spouse leaves. Being alone can make you feel unsafe and anxious.

It's entirely possible to take back your power and protect the rest of your family when your significant other is gone. Here are some ways you can keep your family safe when you're the primary protector.

Smart Home Security

Today's intelligent home security is much more comprehensive than traditional security systems. They use the latest innovations, including wireless technology, sensors, detectors, and 24/7 alarm monitoring by a central station. Smart home security systems also come with an app for your smartphone.

The app allows you to check the status of your alarm system and if the doors and windows are locked, no matter where you are. You can even connect appliances, electronics, and lighting to smart plugs so that you can use voice commands to turn on the lights or tv.

These security systems offer military families secure and safe residences so that when one parent is deployed, the other can hold down the fort at home. Plus, they provide convenient solutions, such as the ability to create customized scenes that perform multiple tasks at once. You can create a scene called "Bedtime" or "Lockdown" to lock all the doors and windows and set the alarm at night. You'll never have to get out of bed again to check if you set the system.

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Install Interior and Exterior Security Cameras

Add security cameras to your smart home security package for maximum security coverage. Security cameras are an excellent deterrent to break-ins and property damage. You can monitor the cameras from anywhere on your laptop or smartphone. This setup means that your spouse has access to the system as well, which will alleviate some of his or her stress.

Motion Lights

Light up the outside of your home to make it difficult for burglars to break in or hide in the shadows. Install motion lights around your house so that they turn on when they pick up motion in your yard. With adequate lighting, you reduce the risk of being victimized on your own property.

Would-be thieves won't hang around once you light them up. Also, these lights don't have a high impact on your electric bill because they only come on when they sense motion.

Make It Appear Like Your Spouse Is Still Home

No one has to know that your spouse is gone on deployment. Leave something outside the house like your spouse normally would, such as a pair of shoes at the door. Move them around to make it look like they're in use.

Drive your husband's or wife's car to make it look like they are doing their daily routine. If you can't drive it, park their car in the driveway so that there are multiple vehicles visible at all times. Never let anyone potentially watching your home think that you're alone or it's just you and the kids.

Hide Your Outside Spare Key

Most people hide a key outside for family members who forget theirs. While this is a convenient solution, especially if you have a big family, it provides intruders with an easy way to gain access to your house. Bring the spare keys inside and leave one with a close neighbor or friend. If you must hide one outside, think of a creative, unique place to stash it where criminals wouldn't think to look.

Break Up Your Routine

Try to break up any routines you have, such as going to the grocery store at a specific time or day. Criminals look for patterns and, if you leave the house at a regular time and day, they will see a great opportunity to break in.

Even change your routine for work. Go in early some days to throw off anyone who might be watching your property. Being too predictable makes you an easy target. You certainly don't want to invite trouble.

Be Careful What You Post on Social Media

People don't think about criminals trolling social media pages for victims. It's quite easy, though, since people check in at various locations or post that they're away from home.

It's not a good idea to post on Facebook or Twitter that you're going on vacation or that your soldier is away on deployment. Don't post vacation photos on social media until you are home. It's great to share your life with your friends, but the rest of the world doesn't need to know every move you make, no matter how trendy it is. Keep your home life a mystery.

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Have Someone Check In Occasionally

It will definitely make you feel more secure if you have a friend or family member that can check in on you and the kids occasionally. Possible burglars surveying your home will see that someone checks in randomly so that they never know when someone may show up. It throws them off their game.

Depending on the military branch that your spouse is in, there is a family readiness officer or rear detachment. These individuals are soldiers who remain behind to aid other soldiers' families. You or your spouse can ask a soldier they trust to check in occasionally.

There are also spousal support groups that can help. Joining a support group is one safe thing that you can do on Facebook. There are plenty of groups available online.

Security-Related Gift Ideas

If you're looking for ideas for birthday or Christmas gifts for your milspouse, one awesome gift idea other than the typical tactical gear or military supplies they want is that smart home security system. Breaking up your routine and watching what you post on social media will only enhance the security procedures that you already have in place. Follow the tips above, and your service member will feel less stressed on deployment knowing that while he's gone someone is always watching over his family.

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