By LAPG Staff
Jun 27th 2019

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Choosing the perfect gift for a military service member can be challenging to say the least. Whether they're active duty, a new graduate, or retiring, their needs and desires differ significantly from those of civilians.

There are a couple of sources available to find the perfect gift for your soldier. First, you can check out these LAPG gift ideas, and then here's a list of some more items that would make fantastic gifts for your friends and family in the military:

1. American or Military Flag Display Case

This gift is perfect for retired military people, veterans, and families of deceased service members. The American flag is the symbol of freedom and everything that our soldiers fight for. It's incredibly important to service members. A display case is a proper way to display a flag so that it remains clean and neat. It's also a great place to exhibit any other armed services flags that your soldier has.

If your service member is a DIYer, get them a DIY flag case kit. It may be a project that the two of you can do together to strengthen your relationship and build fun memories.

2. A Durable Tactical Watch

A durable tactical watch is an excellent gift idea for anyone in the military. These watches come with a variety of features. For those who love hobbies such as diving, there are durable watches that are waterproof and which can withstand the pressures of being underwater. Your soldier will never have to worry about taking off their watch before diving in a pool or water skiing.

Some tactical watches come with a backlit display so you can see even see them in the dark. Many of these rugged watches are also shock and magnetic resistant. They're accurate, and their battery can last for a couple of years. It’s a great gift for someone getting ready for deployment or in a specialized branch of the military that does extensive training.

3. Military Ring

Rings usually represent the great moments in our lives that we want to remember. No matter how old the service member is or what branch they are in, they'll love a uniquely crafted and customized military ring. Jewelers use innovative tools to craft these high-quality rings in gold or silver, and you can add a gemstone for more color. Each branch of the military has its own ring.

Military rings signify the soldier's fidelity to their comrades, country, and those closest to them. Jewelry reminds soldiers where they've been and the reason they joined the military in the first place.

military school Ring

4. Tactical Gear

Most military members agree that high-quality tactical gear and accessories rank high on their list of must-haves. Whether it's for work or their outdoor hobbies, there is bound to be some equipment that your soldier needs. Perhaps if he or she likes to shoot frequently, you can purchase some range equipment such as shooting glasses, ear protection, or an LAPG range bag.

If your service man or woman hunts, purchase some of the camo gear available such as hats, tactical pants, or belts. A hydration system or water pouch for those long hiking trips or trail rides are popular as well. A medical pouch that they can carry with them outdoors or at work is another excellent gift idea. Military supplies and K9 gear are also fabulous choices for presents.

5. Whiskey

Many people enjoy receiving alcohol as a gift. Apparently, the United States military purchases the most Jack Daniels Single Barrel whiskey in the entire world. They buy it for Officers' Clubs and other military entities on- and off-base.Â

Only one out of every 100 barrels is good enough to be selected for 94-proof Single Barrel whiskey. Each barrel contains approximately 250 bottles and costs between $9,000 and $12,000. A barrel may be a bit much, so buy your soldier a fifth of Jack Daniels or another whiskey favorite.

6. Small Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Looking for something small to get your service member as a gift or stocking stuffer? How about some customized address labels that have the official insignia of the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army, or Air Force embossed on them? A coffee mug personalized for your soldier is another excellent idea.

Military man and wife

Whether you need a small or large gift, these ideas should spark your creativity and help you find the perfect give for your military friend or family member. They'll appreciate the thought you put into getting a military gift that relates perfectly to them.

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