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Gear Repair

Your gear is designed to take a beating in the field. Even so, some damage is inevitable - but why let a ripped pant leg or broken backpack zipper spoil the rest of your day? Tactical gear repair tools from LA Police Gear will help you patch things up so you can still perform at your best. Our supplies range from temporary on-the-fly repair kits that get you out of a jam to permanent repairs that can restore a favorite jacket, bag or hat to like-new condition. Instead of paying for new garments and supplies, use a gear fix-it kit and a little elbow grease to keep everything you own in tip-top shape.

Our founders encountered a lot of gear failures during their time on the Los Angeles police force. These kits and supplies are proven to do solid work every time. We have full travel sewing kits for fixing ripped inseams on clothes or bags and zipper repair kits for replacing those busted fasteners. You can add or restore water-resistant capabilities with aqua-seam sealers and waterproofing sprays. Keep your shelter upright with tent pole splints and repair sections. And who can forget patches? We carry a variety of flexible repair patches plus the old reliable duct tape for fastening anything back together!

In addition to repair tools, we stock replacement hardware for when small but vital pieces of your gear break. There's lots of new buckles in our inventory, including reflector buckles, whistle buckles and belt buckles. We also carry replacement carabiners, Velcro™ strips, bug mesh and snap hooks. And you can proactively extend the life of your gear with rubber conditioners, UV sealants and other treatments. We have the best prices on repair supplies from Gear Aid, 5ive Star Gear, Tactical Tailor and others who make fixing your favorite items their priority. Contact us if you have any questions or are looking for a kit that you don't see here.

Gear Repair

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